What Customers are Saying About G.A. Braun

We selected Braun because of their consistent representation, reliable equipment, excellent support and great service.

John Johnston, C.E.O.
Physicians Wear

Braun has blown the competition out of the water!

Jacy Henderson, Vice President
Triple D Uniform and Linen

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With the acquisition of 4 225 Kg. Braun washers and one loose goods shuttle, we achieved the necessary productivity plus the sanitized service for 49 medical and non-medical units for IMSS South, North and Western Mexico.

We previously had an uncertain and problematic operation affecting medical-surgical units. With the new equipment and properly adjusted wash formulas we significantly reduced energy usage and the costs associated with re-wash.

Carlos Echeverría, General Manager
IMSS Oriente Pant

In order to maximize our productivity we partnered with G. A. Braun to provide us with the most reliable, innovative, and durable machines to-date.

Giang Tran, President & Founder
D2R Linen, Inc.

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This installation was the smoothest we have had for our team. We appreciate Braun’s level of commitment to the customer and their attention to detail.

Sea Island Resort - Brunswick, GA is a Central Laundry servicing Five Star Resorts in Southeast Georgia. They had a multi-phased approach to upgrading and replacing their outdated equipment, and selected Braun as their supplier.

The equipment consisted of two Braun 450N2 Open Pocket washers. The installations involved close coordination with the laundry’s work schedule and integral integration with an existing shuttle, monorail and drain system already in place at the laundry. “Both installations were smooth and on time. The new Braun washer provides us with greater production, reliability and faster turn-around time than previously installed Washex equipment. The Braun washers are more space efficient than the competitive brands we considered.

Braun also provided complete training for our team of operations and engineering professionals. This installation was the smoothest we have had for our team. We appreciate Braun’s level of commitment to the customer and their attention to detail.”

Pictured: Cotton Johnson, Director of Laundry Maintenance, and Kathy Harris, Laundry Manager, Sea Island Resort

Kathy Harris, Laundry Manager
Sea Island Resort – Brunswick, Georgia

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Since the Costa Rica Social Security purchased and installed new Braun washing and drying laundry equipment in our facility, our efficiency and wash quality has improved, as well as delivery time to our hospital customers.

Lic. Miguel Ovando, Laundry Manager
Zeledon Venegas Laundry, Costa Rica

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Our Braun top side loader washer is providing us savings in energy and water consumption. The ergonomic design has improved our load and unload times and has eased the labor of our operators. The machine has given us improved wash quality and increased efficiency and reliability.

Olger Hernandez, Engineering Department
OSA Hospital, Costa Rica

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“Our operators are enjoying the experience of having a new Braun washer. We are getting excellent performance and efficiency in every load. We are very thankful to have this new washer.”

Luis Acosta, Laundry Operations
Irma De Lourdes Tzanetatos Hospital, Panama City Panama

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"We have over 20 years of experience with Braun, and recently upgraded our Industrial Wash Alley with a combination of new and remanufactured Braun open pockets, dryers and a shuttle. The Braun engineering team worked hand in hand with our maintenance and operations staff to design and plan the project. The Project Management and Service teams then worked with us to successfully install and complete the project without negatively impacting our ongoing production. At Paris, we expect our vendors to be partners, and for many years Braun certainly has been just that!"

In photo left-to right: CJ Spencer, Braun Regional Sales Manager, Doug McGarry, Production Manager, Paris Companies.

Tom Walsh, Director of Engineering
Paris Companies - Dubois, PA

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We recently purchased a new 300 PT Dryer from Braun. The dryer has exceeded our expectations in every way. The Braun sales representative told us that the new dryer would dry in half the time as our previous dryer. I am thrilled to say that we are getting three loads dry in the time that we used to get one load dry. The only regret I have is that we didn’t buy it sooner!

In photo, Brad Goldstrom, President, Ameritex Services, Omaha, NE.

Brad Goldstrom, President
Ameritex Services

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"We recently replaced our 30 year old Braun Small Piece Folder with another Braun. We chose Braun because of their reliability and because their outstanding service and support teams are always quick and responsive to any needs we may have. The startup technician was quick and efficient and answered all of our questions."

In photo, Left-to-right, Jessica Pidhajecky, Plant Manager Healthwear Rental, Endicott, NY, CJ Spencer, Regional Sales Manager, G.A. Braun

Mark Berghorn, President
Healthwear Rental

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The laundry processes 5 million pounds per year. They have a 6,000 square foot area that is integrated with the hospital. They operate with Braun conventional Medicare Washer-Extractors. The laundry operates 6 days per week in a one shift operation. The upgrade required close cooperation with the laundry operations and engineering teams to complete the integration of the new machines on time and on budget.

The equipment consisted of Braun’s New 400 and 600 lb. TSL Medicare Washer-Extractors.

“We are very pleased with our new Braun equipment. The new machines replaced older equipment from another manufacturer. The new washers save time loading and unloading for each cycle. The operators like the automated shell door which opens at the touch of the button. The installation was smooth and on time. Braun provided complete training for our team, both our operations and engineering professionals. We appreciate Braun’s level of commitment to the customer and their attention to detail.”

In the photo, Left-to-right; Matt Gallagher, Regional Sales Manager, G. A. Braun, Inc., Banba Niang, Director of Environmental Services, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Laundry, Savannah, GA.

Banba Niang, Director of Environmental Services
St. Joseph's Healthcare Laundry - Savannah, GA

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We are pleased with continuing our 40 year relationship with our valued supplier G. A. Braun, with the most recent installation of a Braun Precision Series Single and Two Lane Folder/Crossfolder. The folder installation was plug and play achieving the production quality we wanted right from the start-up.

In the photo: Left to right: Duc Le, Maintenance Manager, Topper Linen, Tim Topornicki, President, Topper Linen, and Gary Ostrum, Regional V.P. Sales, G. A. Braun, Inc

Tim Topornicki, President
Topper Linen and Uniform Services - Toronto, Canada

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We recently had a new Braun 500PT Dryer installed in our plant. We could not be more pleased with the performance of the new dryer, our 2016 Braun 450 Open Pocket Washer, and the outstanding service and support from Braun

Dave Foshey, Corporate Project Manager
ITU AbsorbTech, Inc. Titusville, PA

"Working with the Braun team during the installation of our new dryers was a great experience.  They worked with us and other trade vendors to make the installation of our new 123H dryers run smoothly and successfully!"

Phil Sonnenklar, President
Iron City Uniform

The Equipment consisted of Braun's Remanufactured and upgraded 200 and 400 lb. TSL Medicare Washer-Extractors.

"We are very pleased with Braun's remanufactured equipment.  The machines look and operate like a brand-New machine!  The washers were fully stripped, cleaned and remanufactured and upgraded in Braun's state-of-the-art factory specializing in the process to fully remanufacture this equipment.  All controls were new and the machine was completely rewired with today's technology.   The installation was smooth and on time. Braun provided complete training for our team for the operation and engineering professionals.  We appreciate Braun's level of commitment to the customer and their attention to detail." 

John Killian, Laundry Engineering Director
Crothall Healthcare Laundry

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“We have been using the full line of Braun processing solutions from washroom to finishing over the last 20 years without incident. They and their sales partner in Korea have been steadfast in their support of our operational needs. Their products are durable, reliable, easy to operate, and cost effective to own and maintain.

Braun’s management has always made a point of visiting us on their travels throughout Asia, and make certain that we are satisfied with their equipment, and support services. Braun has been a loyal partner, and we are loyal to them as our processing equipment solutions provider.”

K. H. Chang, Manager of QM Laundry US Army Garrison

Mr. K.H. Chang, Manager
QM Laundry US Army Garrison - Korea

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Braun Precision Series Folder......The Right Decision!

“When it became time for me to replace an old folder, I only had one manufacturer in mind. Braun was my choice. I am a repeat Braun finishing equipment customer because I have been pleased with the performance of the machines, and the outstanding service and support from the Braun team.”

Tony Mendoza, Laundry Manager
Polo Towers - Las Vegas, NV

Everything is communicating with each piece of equipment as expected, and our productivity has certainly increased.

James Cain, Production Manager

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"Over the last 30 years we have sourced and continue to source various washing and finishing equipment from Braun. We have remained loyal to this brand because of its durability, low cost of ownership, and the fact that it allows us to provide our clients with exceptional linen and terry products. When you have a 5 star property like ours there is no room for poor quality, or costly operations.

Braun and its partner always make sure that our needs are more than met for processing, service, and support. As a result, we have and will continue to be very loyal partners!"

Mr. Dong-Yong Suh, Laundry/Assistant Manager, Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Mr. Dong-Yong Suh, Assistant Manager Laundry
Ritz-Carlton Hotel - Seoul, Korea

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I have been the engineering manager for our laundry since we installed the Braun equipment. Before that time, I worked at another hotel where we also used Braun. My experiences has always been very good; the Braun machines are extremely reliable, and require limited maintenance outside of normal preventive maintenance and normal replacement of wear parts. As the condition of our equipment proves, if they are properly maintained, they remain in top condition and provide many more years of service. We have definitely received a significant return from our investment in Braun.

Even though our machines are older, and we currently do not have an immediate need for new equipment it is very satisfying to see Braun and their partner Technolux calling on our account. It is clear that they value all clients, and when it is time for us to purchase new equipment we will undoubtedly go with Braun!

Gilbert Balajadia
Engineering Manager
Heritage Hotel
Manila, Philippines

Ernie Munez, Laundry Manager
Heritage Hotel - Manila, Philippines

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"We have had a 32 year partnership with Braun that has served us extremely well. Over this period of time they have supplied us with complete plant solutions from batch tunnels, conventional washers, to finishing equipment. In each case we have found their product to be indestructible, and the cost for owning and operating very low. In my career I have purchased other equipment because of price, but I have come to back to Braun because their support, product reliability, and because of the ease of operation and ownership.

What has impressed me about Braun is that they always visit me and my staff to make certain things are well, and they do this regardless of whether I am buying equipment or not. This is not only a partnership, but a friendship! I will continue to work with Braun!"

Mr. Jung, President Eujong/Ambassador Laundry Division

Mr. Jung, President
Ambassador Laundry, Eujong Group - Seoul, Korea

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The Hyatt Regency Orlando - One of Florida’s top convention Hotels recently installed a new Braun Alpha 1200 Spreader Feeder for their On-Premise Laundry. The laundry team at this major hotel laundry facility quickly realized that this feeder provided quality feeding and complete flexibility to operate with many items including, King Size Sheets, Napkins and Table Linen. The former ironing line was set up for only small items but the feeder gave them the capability to process large items with the push button, and to process small pieces by raising the feed deck to the up position.

The swing down discharge conveyor allows operators access to the ironer for maintenance without having to move the feeder!

“We are very pleased with the increase in production, processing flexibility, and greater reliability the new Braun finishing equipment has brought to our operation.” We have used competitive equipment but were very impressed with Braun’s capabilities. We are very pleased with the level of support from their Florida Service Organization!

Cesar Villarreal, Laundry Engineer
Hyatt Regency Hotel

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"The efficiency of my new Braun small piece folder is so great that it has freed up two full time employees to perform other important tasks in the laundry. Needless to say we are elated!"

Don Marrone, Owner
Scotia Linen

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The Boca Resort and Club - One of Florida’s most luxurious Resorts recently replaced two of their older dryers and installed two new Braun 500PT Gas Fired Dryers for their On-Premise Laundry. The Boca Resort laundry team quickly realized the new dryer production more than doubled and in less floor space than two of the older dryers! In addition to the productivity enhancements with these dryers, we are saving energy, while making the drying process much more efficient!

“Braun made the process worry free! Their team along with our contractors removed the older dryers and lint collectors, re-routed the ductwork and reconnected the equipment over the course of a weekend while coordinating rigging, mechanical and electrical trades for a successful installation with very little down time. Finally, the ROI will successfully pay for the new equipment in less than a two year period!

We are very pleased with the increase in production and greater reliability the new Braun Equipment has brought to our operation. We have used Braun laundry equipment for over 20 years. We are very pleased with their Project Management team and the level of support from their Florida Service Organization!”

David Watson, Director of Housekeeping and Laundry Operations
The Boca Resort and Club

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“I’ve had Braun ironers in my laundry for years. When it became time to purchase another ironer, we purchased a refurbished two roll ironer that looks and performs the same as new , plus they offer a 'Like New warranty' with the ironer. The decision to stay with Braun was quite simple......footprint, and product performance. With Braun ironers I get consistent quality in the high end linens we process. The ironers have even pressure across the linen due to their torsion bar.

Braun ironers are reliable, easy to maintain and I can deliver a top notch quality product to my customers.”

Danny Thomas, Owner
Metropolitan Laundry & Linen Serivce

"I just want to thank the G. A. Braun representative and his installation crew for the level of professionalism demonstrated during the purchase and installation of the two used 400 pound Braun Side Loading TSL washers.  I am very pleased with the overall results achieved.

As an operator with 40 plus years of managing institutional laundries, the Braun washer has always been at the top of my list when considering new or used washer extractors.  The reason, the quality and simplistic nature of the machines.  This is an indication of the level of research and development involved.  Quality is the only thing that comes to mind when I think about the Braun washer/extractor.

For example, in 1998 this laundry had a 600 pound Braun Side Loading TSL washer extractor in line with two other brands.  Today, this washer still operates and carries the bulk of the spread blanket daily processing.  To support this machine I purchased and installed a used 400 pound Braun Side Loading TSL machine in 2004.  Today this machine still operates with very little down time.  The two used machines just purchased and installed completes the transition to all Braun washers.  I feel this wash aisle will probably last another 10 years."

Joseph T. Lee,
Athens Regional Laundry

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“We recently replaced a washer and two dryers in our wash aisle with a Braun remanufactured 400 Open Pocket Washer/ Extractor and two each Braun 123H dryers. Over the course of one weekend, Braun removed our existing equipment, installed the new machines and had them running and fully operational! The smooth and quick turnaround was essential to our being able to service our customers without any negative impact!

A Braun service technician did a full assessment of our wash aisle and helped us to find additional utility savings. The equipment is running great, water usage is down, and we had significant reductions in dry times for terry products, and up to 60% on mat processing.

We’d like to thank everyone at Braun for working with us to make this a successful project!”

Danny Revello & Mike Ruopoli,

Kleen-A-Matic Continues To Expand!

Kleen-A-Matic recently added another new G. A. Braun 450 N2 Washer/Extractor to the existing wash alley making a total of six Braun open pocket tilting washer/extractors.  "We are very pleased with increase in production and greater reliability the new Braun equipment has brought to our operation.  We have used the Braun equipment since 2004 when we started upgrading our existing wash alley.  We are very pleased with their performance and the level of support we receive from their local Atlanta team.  The open pocket tilting washers provide excellent mechanical action and fast turn times for optimizing the production capability of our laundry operation."

Kleen-A-Matic is located in Rossville, Georgia (a suburb of Chattanooga).  They are an industrial laundry that processes uniforms and dust control for North Georgia, North Alabama and Eastern Tennessee.  They have been in business since 1939 and enjoy a growing business.

Lee Ableson,

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The Ritz Carlton St.Thomas is a 30 acre, 180 room resort located in the US Virgin Islands. We operate an on premise central laundry utilizing two flatwork ironing systems and several washer/extractors. As it became evident that we needed to expand our current laundry capacity, we began the search for the right fit to our current facility. The Braun team provided assistance in being able to make this happen with maximizing the production per square foot of the space available. Their 300PT Dryer and 250N2 Washer-Extractor was extremely space efficient and fit into our existing layout. We found the Braun equipment to be reliable, easier to maintain and performed better! Finally we have a direct relationship with Braun for support, parts and service advice which is very important to us.

Joseph Cypre, Laundry Director
Ritz Carlton - St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

"We chose Braun equipment for several reasons.  We were very impressed with Braun’s Leadership, the new investment of their plant, and the way they try to conserve costs and produce a quality product at the best economical price.  During installation, their engineers and mechanics were 100 percent dedicated.  I could not have had a better team to work with.

One other big factor that played into our decision was most of the parts on the Braun tunnel can be bought locally from Braun.  A lot of the parts on foreign manufactured tunnels cannot be purchased locally.  We have complete confidence in the tunnel’s performance.  Being ISO Certified shows that Braun has the desire to be the best in the industry."

Sonny Wyatt, Board Chairman
Upstate Linen Services, Spartanburg, SC

Our productivity has certainly increased along with different efficiencies we've been able to realize by having our operator right in the wash alley where all the action is.

James Cain, Production Manager

"I deal with Diana in Parts, she is 1 in a million!"

John Alvey,
Superior Health Linens

"Indoor Billboard has been a long time customer of Braun for several reasons. Not only is the equipment durable, but the performance and reliability is off the charts. We currently have early 1990’s vintage Braun open pocket washer/extractors still in operation, and functioning as new.

Over the past year and 1/2 we purchased two Braun remanufactured 400 lb. open pocket washers. We could not be more pleased with the performance of the machines, and the outstanding service and support from Braun. We hope to continue our partnership well into the future."

Don Zea, General Manager
Indoor Billboard

"I have owned and operated Braun laundry equipment for many years and have been quite satisfied with product performance. Recently we purchased a new Braun 450 lb. Open Pocket Washer and I am very pleased with the new features and functionality they've engineered into the product. The new color touch screen controls are so simple to use. Another improvement, more important is the electronics safety feature. Braun machines separate the high voltage from low voltage components. One thing that has not changed is the exceptional mechanical action and wash quality."

Chad Blanchard, President
Munro's Uniform Services Division

Commitment To Quality and Service

"As we went through the selection process for our wash floor upgrade we met with several vendors to find the right fit for us.  Ultimately we were very comfortable and confident in partnering with Braun for our wash floor project for several reasons; family owned, ISO certified, impressive facility, quality equipment, supportive staff to name a few.  Now that our project has been completed I wanted to provide some well deserving praise to the Braun team.  The sales process, installation process, and the support and training that was provided after the installation was impressive.  The team Braun provided for our project did not jeopardize their safety or the safety of any of our employees during the installation.  They were extremely knowledgeable, professional, supportive, and friendly.  We look forward to a long partnership with the Braun family."

Bob Beyer, Plant Manager
ITU AbsorbTech, Inc.

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"In late summer of 2014, we made the decision to purchase a new folder/cross folder, a small piece accumulator and a vacuum feeder. We shopped and received quotes from several manufacturers and after checking references we chose Braun. Our decision was not based upon price alone, we considered service (before and after the sale), reliability of the equipment, availability of parts and technical assistance. These are just as important as the price.

One year after our purchase we are very pleased with our decision. The equipment has been all that was promised. Our Braun sales representative went above and beyond what was expected. He was here the entire time the equipment was being installed and came back several times over the next several weeks to ensure our complete satisfaction. He continues to stop and inquire about our needs, the performance of the equipment and to offer any advice that can help us become more efficient.

I would not hesitate to refer Braun equipment to any other industrial laundry and plan on purchasing more Braun equipment with the outstanding representation from your staff. Keep up the great work."

Todd Deaton, Executive Vice President
Wildman Uniform and Linen

"Our new Braun Open Pocket System is extraordinarily efficient.  The washing ability is outstanding and the drying times have truly exceeded our expectations.

We can now dry mats in 7 minutes!  The energy savings and related cost reductions speak for themselves.  With the efficiency of our new system, we’ve been able to grow and take on additional business, all the while reducing our operating time!

Partnering with Braun was the right choice."

Tom Pepin, Chairman
Tapco Products Company

"Bill created a safe environment.   He was very approachable and knowledgeable.  The employees interacted with him well.  He is definately good with people."

Angela Bruzzese,
Booth Centennial Healthcare Linen Services

"We've been very happy with the numbers we're seeing.  Our utility usage has been going down as promised and it's pretty much been doing everything they said it would (Braun Tunnel System) and what we hoped it would do.  It's really helping Bates Troy be more competitive in the workplace." 

Brian Kradjian, President/Owner
Bates Troy Healthcare Linen Services

"Cintas continually conducts thorough assessments of our operating practices to help ensure the safety and health of our employees.  Over the past 18 months, Braun has been a strategic partner in this ongoing effort.  This partnership has resulted in the successful execution of numerous wash alley safety projects, all of which were completed according to plan.

Our relationship with Braun is long standing and has resulted in over half of our wash alleys being fitted with Braun equipment.  We have found the equipment to be will built and durable.  The service they provide is excellent!  A great added bonus is the free telephone support they offer for the life of the equipment.  Their structured phone support is a major advantage and is important to our ability to maintain continuous production capabilities in our locations.

Both Cintas and Braun have invested a lot of time and effort to make our business relationship strong and effective for the good of our employees and the industry."

Cintas Engineering Management,
Cintas Corporation

"I can describe my overall experience with Braun in one word.  Outstanding!  The telephone service help desk always goes above and beyond from the initial call on through the follow up.  I get calls after the phone conversatoin to be sure everything is running smoothly.  The parts support desk is very helpful and great to deal with.  I have dealt with many factories over the years but the reason i am with Braun and will continue to buy Braun is because of the craftsman hand built quality and super support."

Mike Buccieri,
SDL Linens

"Our customers are hospitals who are concerned about quality processing, Infection control and how we deliver their product.  Braun equipment helps us meet all those requirements.  It is efficient, durable, and extremely versatile!

We can go from running fitted sheets to patient gowns with just the push of a couple buttons.  The end result…..products that are truly of the highest quality."

Max Blaufuss, President/CEO
Lake Superior Laundry

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Expand Your Laundry Capabilities with a Strong, Supportive Business Partner

"We have had G. A. Braun as a partner in our laundry operation since 2001.  Four 14 years Braun has supported our equipment and helped us grow.  So when the Hotel announced plans to grow to 810 rooms, we solicited Braun's help to plan and execute an expansion of the laundries capability.

We had an existing Braun 130 lb. tunnel system that has served us very well, and in looking at our options for the expansion we determined with Braun that replacing this system with their new 8 chamber 150 lb. (clean dry weight) system would allow us to not only take on the added volume, but reduce our operating hours.

Braun's Project Management Team made sure our delivery and installation went as smooth as possible working with our contractors during a very tight time schedule.  The rigging out of older equipment and the delivery, rigging and installation of the new equipment was executed with a very professional staff.  Everything worked like clock work, and the system has operated as advertised since the first day of operation.

The new Braun Tunnel has allowed us to remove a third party water re-use / ozone system saving money and maintenance and allowing us almost 1/2 gallon per lb. washed.

We appreciate our relationship with Braun and look forward to growing our operation together in the future!"

Richard Mayberry, Laundry Manager
Marriott Marco Island Resort

"The quality coming out of the new tunnel is absolutely fabulous!  We've been able to reduce our gallons per pound and reduce our utilities consumption.  We have an outstanding partnership with Braun."

Gerry Knotek, Chief Operating Officer
5 Star Laundries

"Joe is very personable, he listens to the customer and explains his answers.  Joe was fantastic, an excellent representative of G. A. Braun." 

James Wilson,
Marriott Village Courtyard

"Keep doing what you are doing!  Everything is good but, reliability is off the charts good!"

Don Zea,
Indoor Billboard/Northwest, Inc.

The new laundry is equipped with the latest of Braun’s 250 Open Pocket washer, Precision Series flatwork system, and 300 PT Dryers. The installation was smooth and on time. Braun provided complete training for our team, and our operations and engineering professionals. We appreciate Braun’s level of commitment to the customer and their attention to detail.”

Stephane Corlay, Director of Engineering
Sandals Resort Barbados

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A Partnership Built on Success!

"In 2012, we replaced a 17-year-old Braun tunnel with a remanufactured Braun tunnel.  The project was so successful, the following year we replaced our second tunnel system in its entirety with a Braun system.

Our second remanufactured tunnel is partnered with a remanufactured press, new shuttle and Braun's Side-By-Side dryers.  We were able to add a sixth dryer in the same footprint as the five dryers we replaced.  With the efficiency of our new dryers, our total cycle time is almost half of our other dryer line, giving us the capability to run more goods through our tunnel every hour."

Phil Gross, Business Manager
Quality Textile Services

"We are extremely satisfied with the start-up of our new Braun folder.  The Braun service technician is very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with."

Jim DeKaye,
E. Glacier Park Lodge

Princeton Memorial Hospital

Chooses Braun Washing Equipment A Second Time!

"We have two conventional washers in our facility.  In 2009, we replaced one with a Braun 400 TSL (Top Side Loader).  Over the past six years, the machine has been extremely dependable while providing high wash quality.  When it came time to replace our second washer in 2014, we decided to go with Braun once again.  In addition to the machine itself, Btraun's aftermarket support has been second to none.  We couldn't be happier wtih the decision we made to purchase a second Braun washer."

Fred Browning, Director of Environmental Services/Laundry Departments
Princeton Memorial Hospital


"We are very happy with our decision"

We were looking at replacing our 1983 Delta Flatwork Ironing System.  We had for many years ran two ironers on a Fulton Thermal Oil Boiler and had taken one ironer out of service the year prior.  We felt we didn't need the big Fulton Boiler any longer so we looked at Self-Contained Thermal as a solution.  The 2 Roll 48" Braun Precision Ironer fit nicely into the footprint we could utilize and has worked very well for us since install in July of 2014.  Both the productivity and quality have been as expected and the savings in utilizites due to shorter conditioning times and the self-contained boiler have been excellent.  We are very happy with our decision.

Bob Pfeifer, General Manager
North Grand River Cooperative, Inc.

"In my 55 years within the laundry business my best two decisions were to enter into the healthcare market, and to purchase a Braun Tunnel System."

Ara Kradjian, CEO/Owner
Bates Troy Healthcare Linen Services

"The assembly and start-up of the Braun Self-Contained Thermal Ironer has been a great experience.  The Braun and Centrax teams did a great job!

Olga Garcia Ruiz,
Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Hotel, Cancun Mexico

"We just extended our onsite service agreement an additional 12 months, primarily because of the superb work and service provided by the Braun Service Technician.  We are extremely pleased with all areas and performance by Braun!"

Mickey Sparrow, Material Manager
Tuomey Healthcare System

We recently added two new Braun 450 lb. Open Pocket Washer/Extractors and one 500 lb. Pass-thru dryer to our existing wash alley. This brings our total to 16 Braun washer/extractors and Six Braun Pass-Thru Dryers. The Braun team made certain our delivery and installation ran as smooth as possible. The team installed the equipment over a weekend and we were up and running without issues that Monday morning. I give Braun an A+ for its service and continual support of its clients.

Bob Hager, Owner
Miller's Textile Services

"Prior to purchasing the Braun Alpha 1200 Feeder, we made comparisons with another manufacturer which we had experience with on one of our two ironing systems.  We operated both Braun's Alpha 1200 feeder and the competitive model for several years.  Because we process linen for several customers we need the flexibility of doing small and large pieces on both ironing systems.  Braun's feeder provided the ability to access the feed table for processing napkins and pillow slips without moving the feeder.

We found the Braun feeder to be more reliable, easier to maintain and performed better!  Finally we have a direct relationship with Braun for support, and parts and service advice which is very important to us."

Lynden Lundy, Laundry Director
Grand Lucayan Resort

"We have high expectations with our vendors and Braun meets the standard.  The sales person has been very helpful and accessible!

Tom Walsh,
Paris Company

"The Braun sales person and service technician did a great job to meet the limitations of working in a prison and were able to install this on time.  I am as happyu with your staff as I am with the equipment!"

Jim Williams,
PIA California Wasco

"With plant equipment nearing the end of life and an ever increasing load in production, we began looking into laundry manufacturers that we knew could bring their A game.  After visiting various laundries throughout the U.S., one manufacturer was the leading name: Braun.  One plant we visited had over a dozen open pockets washing pounds and pounds of laundry and getting the job done no matter what.  After seeing that, I knew Braun was the only choice.  

From initial contact with the sales team, to project management, and the service technician; the Braun team went above and beyond to help us get our laundry revampt set up and running as smoothly as possible.  Being a mat plant, turn-around time is very important.  Since going from split pocket washers to the Braun open pocket washers, we were able to cut our processing time in half!"

We are grateful to have a wonderful vendor in G. A. Braun!


John Sloan, President
NorthStar Mat Service

Oncore Technologies - Medical Waste Management System

"Oncore's decision to partner with Braun as our exclusive supplier of the modified washing system has proved to be an excellent choice and continues to provide us with professional industry expertise second to none.  Braun easily adapted its proven technology to support Oncore's patented processing requirements.  The machine's durability, and performance is outstanding.  Braun has provided Oncore tremendous support from every level of their organization.  We look forward to continuing our partnership well into the future."

Otley Smith, President
Oncore Technologies

I hope to continue working with Alex in the future with my maintenance programs! 

Fidel Mercado, Laundry Manager
Hyatt Orlando International Airport

Tritex Services recently retooled the existing wash alley of their plant by adding a new Braun 450 N2 Washer/Extractor and a new Braun 500 PT Dryer.  "We are very pleased with the increase in production and greater utility efficiency out of our new Braun equipment.  The increased mechanical action and ergonomics of the tilting washer have shortened our wash cycles and turn times.  More importantly the performance of the 500 PT dryer has shortened our dry cycles by half the current cycle time while reducing utility costs!  

Jeff Forester, President
Tritex Services

"The Theta gives our goods a much sharper and consistent finish from our old methods, it has helped to increase customer satisfaction and our image.  The biggest impact is the elimination of the bottleneck in production we had.

Before we purchased this machine, we had to restrict our washing of soiled goods based on how fast we could finish the washed goods.  This underutilized our washer, and created a longer working day.  Now with the Theta, we can wash our goods and then turn off the washer which saves utilities and wear on the machines.  It also gives us more flexibility to grow our business.

In addition to the production labor savings, it allows us to purchase less product, because there is a quicker turnaround time on goods.  This has allowed us to grow without needing to purchase additional items.

The specific features we really enjoy are the easy to read and understand controls.  If a safety switch is activated the control indicates which switch is activated.  This saves a lot of time and frustration.  Ease of maintenance is another key feature.  It is easy to enter the machine for cleaning and maintenance and features a quick disconnect for the ability to move for cleaning purposes.

I underestimated the impact the Theta would have on our production.  I kept running the numbers and held off the past few years because I didn't think we were "big" enough.  For anyone who is uncertain that this is a solid investment, they shouldn't have any concerns.

Pictured at right is Theresa Slick, Production Manager, HealthWear Rental, Endicott, NY.

Mark Berghorn, President
HealthWear Rental

"For over 25 years, Ace ImageWear has been a customer of Braun's for several reasons: 1) Braun has always demonstrated a commitment to their customers by providing highly efficient and durable products. 2) They have a renewed commitment for direct to end-user service and support that my maintenance staff has given high marks to, and 3) They continue to invest in new product development and technologies, plus enhancements to existing product lines. Braun's been a consultative partner helping us maximize our plant's efficiency and overall productivity. It's a great partnership."


Ed Heilman, Owner
Ace ImageWear

"Braun has always been a very effective resource for me both in parts and service related issues since I started in this industry in 1988.  The staff is both pleasant and knowledgeable, and I would recommend Braun to others."

John Santosuosso, Technician
Universal Laundry, North Star Rental Systems