Since 1946, Braun has revolutionized the laundry industry with innovative products designed to make laundry and textile facilities more productive and profitable.

Braun has a rich history of providing our customers with complete solutions to their laundry business issues. Partnering with our customers has and remains our number one priority.

Today Braun ranks as a premiere corporation with worldwide brand recognition.

Engineering Innovations


In the early 1900's, Syracuse New York was a worldwide hub in the production of soda ash, a primary compound used in the manufacture of soaps.  This was an ideal location for a team of laundry industry pioneers to begin what would evolve into a worldwide supplier of high quality laundry equipment.  In 1946 G. A. Braun was formed.


  • The first Braun washer/extractor, the Unit Wash, is introduced
  • Responding to customer requests, Braun incorporates electro-mechanical controls.
  • To solve the problems encountered in manual chemical dispensing, Braun introduces Automatic Supply Injection.


  • Braun begins to manufacture suspension mounted machines
  • Braun is the first manufacturer to design a Pass-Thru Medicare machine, which allows healthcare laundries to separate clean and dirty areas.  This inhibits the spread of deadly staphylococci infections and acts as a barrier to other airborne pathogens. 
  • Braun introduces a top/side loading machine, with doors aligned to take advantage of gravity during load and unload.


  • Through acquisition, Braun introduces a line of high speed textile finishing equipment.
  • Braun is the first manufacturer to incorporate microprocessor controls into laundry machinery.


  • Braun develops WASHNET NT the first computer controlled laundry program.  Manipulation of data and programming of machines is done from one desktop computer
  • Braun enters the textile dye market, quickly establishing a command of the industry.
  • Braun installs "smart" laundry system, using WASHNET to integrate automatic loading, wash and dry cycle programming, automatic unloading and materials transport.
  • Braun introduces a fully automated Batch Tunnel System
  • Braun acquired Norman Dryer Company


  • Braun is the first laundry equipment company to develop control software running on a Microsoft® Windows System
  • Braun introduces the PT (pass-thru) Series Dryer line.


  • Braun introduces the most narrow open pocket washer/extractors on the market with more washing capacity but requiring less floor space.
  • Braun made renewed commitment to research and development, which lead to an expanded line up of products and services including:

- SmoothFlow® Series Batch Tunnel Washer Systems

- Single Motor Drive Open Pocket Washer/Extractors

- Single Motor Drive Top Side Loader Washer/Extractors

- Delta Self-Contained Thermal Ironers

- SafeLoad® Shuttle System - a ride on shuttle with a patent pending human interface safety device which protects the operator from potential wash aisle injuries.

- PT (pass-thru) Dryers - dual panel control box.  An exceptional safety feature which separates the high voltage from low voltage components to meet the arc flash protection requirements.

- 22 New or Enhanced products released to the market resulting in 4 new patent pending market solutions.

  • Braun demonstrates their commitment to the industry with investment in new 155,000 square feet manufacturing facility.


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