Project Management

Consultation, Design and Installation.

Over 750 installations in the past five years!

Braun created this team; a tight-knit group of CAD artists, sales veterans, office support staff, and engineers to ensure each and every project is on time, on budget and meets customer expectations.

The team works with our clients to develop the project scope of work, installation timeline, define training needs, and coordinate with contractors, other equipment manufacturers and service technicians to see that equipment installations go smoothly and are properly executed.  The focus of the project management team is to make life easier for our customers.

This team draws up floor plans to specifications, interfaces with engineers on major projects, schedules deliveries, supervises installations and essentially does whatever it takes to help raise the customer satisfaction bar!

In addition to the internal processes that take place, project managers regularly go into the field and meet face-to face with clients to ensure all aspects of the project run smoothly.

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