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“We would definitely consider using Braun Financing again without hesitation.”

As director of finance for The Evergreen Cooperatives, I oversee all the financial activity for the organization, which includes Evergreen Cooperative Laundry. Our organization is a little different because we are a worker-owned cooperative. Unlike a traditional small business, there is not one owner to guarantee a loan. This is a business structure that traditional lenders often have difficulty with. 

What really impressed me about Braun Financing was the way they asked pertinent questions and took the time to understand our structure to become comfortable dealing with us. They were receptive to setting up a teleconference that included everyone who needed to understand how we operated. I found the Braun Financing organization easy to work with, reasonable, willing to listen to the needs of their borrower and very efficient. We needed commercial ironing and folding equipment that would save us a tremendous amount of time and labor, allowing us to expand our operation in a very cost-effective way, adding to our efficiency and our customer growth. The people at Braun Financing took the time to understand how important this investment was to our future.

As a former banker, I have handled a lot of loans over the years, so I can speak from experience. The way Braun handled things was impressive. The documentation process was easy to understand. Everything could be handled online and the closing was quite easy, too.

Another thing that I really liked was that they arranged for a deposit to be made first, then for the equipment to be installed and inspected so they were certain we were completely satisfied before the final payment was made. That was important to us, and gave us a feeling of control. We were also pleasantly surprised that the interest rate was so competitive. We would definitely consider using Braun Financing again without hesitation.

Roz Ciulla
Director, Finance
The Evergreen Cooperatives


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