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When Vantage Healthcare Linen, Erie, Pennsylvania realized the need to replace their 24 year old Braun batch tunnel washing system, dryers, and small piece folders, they looked no further than G. A. Braun, Inc.

Todd Lohr, Vantage Healthcare’s Director of Operations, was extremely satisfied with the production of their Braun equipment over the years, as well as his experience with Braun’s service and parts organizations. As a result of his experience with Braun, Todd quickly arranged to meet with the Braun team for consultation, and the opportunity to replace his existing equipment.

vantage1Braun’s design proposal and scope of work was developed under the requirements for retooling the existing laundry operation at Vantage Healthcare Linen and focused on a solution that maximized the use of the allocated facility space and provided the most efficient processing environment. All of this was accomplished while making certain these efficiencies were retained, and in some cases enhanced, as Vantage extended operations and looked to the long-term growth and sustainability of their business.

Braun’s approach to integrated project management was leveraged to maintain the project schedule in accordance with the agreed-upon objectives and set forth by Vantage Healthcare Linen. Braun coordinated the equipment delivery and freight loading plan to coincide with the rig-out of the existing equipment and the off-loading of the new equipment. Braun’s expertise in equipment rigging was key given the aggressive timeline for project execution. In addition, Braun partnered with an experienced 3rd Party MEP contractor to execute the equipment utility systems installation. The MEP Contractor was responsible for reviewing and validating the existing utility systems in the Vantage Healthcare facility to make certain all were sized accordingly to support the requirements of the new equipment. To ensure the plant did not experience lost production, work was completed during off-shift hours as well as on weekends. The Braun Project Management Team prepared and provided all the equipment specifications as well as the utility connection overlay to the MEP contractor so fabrication of raw materials to support the installation could be completed in advance to expedite the schedule. All the coordination and planning, including project meeting sessions on-site as well as via teleconference, resulted in a safe and effectively executed retool of the laundry.

vantage2The plan was continually reviewed and refined in preparation for the project execution to assure that the provided solution exceeded the level of production and quality expected by Vantage Healthcare Linen.

“Analytical details combined with concise presentation materials are critical so that the business owner can make important strategic decisions. Equally important was adherence to project activity timelines. This was essential to complete Vantage Healthcare’s laundry re-tool on-time and on budget. We also provided a complete ROI analysis which included savings of all utilities, parts and maintenance, labor, and a reduction in linen replacement costs”; stated Cliff Quick, Director of Inside Sales and Project Management, G. A. Braun, Inc.

The team at Braun developed a detailed project activity timeline in coordination with Vantage to determine the appropriate timing and activity for both the installation and training of the staff for all provided equipment. “The facility re-tool required minimal downtime with extremely tight schedules”; stated Quick.

With Vantage Healthcare growing, we know we made the right decision to partner with Braun.
The regional sales manager, service, and project management team are A-1”; stated Todd Lohr, Vantage Healthcare’s Director of Operations.

Braun’s equipment solution included a 130 lb. 16 chamber 130 lb. remanufactured Batch Tunnel Washing System, a 130 lb. remanufactured batch press extractor, 150 lb. dual cake elevating/nesting shuttle, 5-each new 300 lb. side-by-side gas system dryers, and 3 new Precision Series Small Piece Folders.

“The remanufactured tunnel looks and functions like new, as does the remanufactured press, and we were given a new machine warranty for both!

Our new Braun side-by-side dryers allowed us to add two additional dryers to our layout in the same footprint as the old system. This provided us with the capability to add more processing capacity without taking up more space, and the process is more efficient.

We selected Braun’s Precision Series Small Piece Folders because of their durability, speed, and ease of maintenance. Braun was able to put three machines where their competitors could only fit 2, and those were not capable of the production rates for healthcare items as the Braun machines are.”; added Lohr.

Braun’s ultimate goal is to complete value-adding projects on-time and on-budget, in line with the goals and expectations of our client partners through comprehensive analysis, consultation, design, and installation.

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