Major Renovation of Healthcare Laundry Facility in Upstate New York

Finishing LineBraun recently completed the major renovation of an existing healthcare laundry facility in Upstate New York. The project scope consisted of the complete replacement of the equipment from the wash deck, modifications of the staph barrier wall, modifications to the clean rail system, replacement of the blanket folding equipment and replacement of small piece folding equipment.

On the wash deck, Braun installed 1-each Braun 800NMTDPV-6 Medicare Top Side Loading Washer/Extractor and 2-each Braun 400NMTVP-3 Medicare Top Side Loading Washer/Extractors. The utility connections for the wash deck equipment were replaced and installed with new services as part of this project scope and the existing masonry block staph barrier wall was removed. The staph barrier wall was modified and reinstalled with glass panels.


On the clean side of the laundry, 1-each new blanket system (consisting of a Braun PSSF-130 Precision Series Spreader/Feeder, Braun NIPF3CF/B-130 Precision Series Non-Iron Blanket Folder and a Braun BLPS-1 Precision Large Piece Blanket Stacker) and 2-each Braun SPFRFM Precision Series Return to Feed Small Piece Folders were installed. To accommodate the new finishing equipment, the existing clean rail system was modified and rerouted. The utility connections to the finishing equipment were also replaced and new services installed.

Due to the critical role the healthcare laundry provides to its supporting customers, one of the major requirements of this project was not to interrupt production during the entire duration of the project. To accommodate this scheduling requirement, Braun worked diligently with our contracted trade partners and the healthcare laundry staff to develop a phased timeline that allowed all work to be completed during off hour and weekend schedules. This schedule was executed per plan and the healthcare laundry was able to continue production and service their customers throughout the entire duration of the project.

Medicare WashersBraun was also aware of the criticality of maintaining clean and soil separation during this project and followed strict protocols to ensure that complete separation was maintained. This was fully completed during the replacement of the existing staph barrier wall.

Due to the coordination, Braun was able to complete this healthcare laundry renovation project on time and on budget. “When Braun commits to an installation timeline and scope of work, we take great pride in our diligence, our proven procedures, and the resources that we leverage to complete our projects. From single equipment replacements to full plant retrofits, Braun will support all aspects of a customer’s laundry project.”

Adam Thomas, Braun’s Technical Sales Manager.


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