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The city of Houston has shown incredible resiliency in the months and years following the devastation and lasting impacts of Hurricane Harvey, which struck the Texas coast in August of 2017. The city and surrounding areas have rebounded with a fervor that can only be admired. Among them, Giang Tran, owner of D2R Linens, whose business was totally destroyed, first by a fire, and finished off by Harvey.


D2R contacted G.A. Braun Inc. to assist with the reconstruction of the business. During the following months, Braun’s sales and project management personnel worked closely with D2R to completely redesign the layout of their building. This allowed for the reconstruction of the building to be based around the new laundry equipment layout.

Braun assisted D2R by providing detailed drawings of the utility connection points in the laundry to each contracted trade prior to construction. These accurate models allowed for exact material takeoffs and supported ownership’s need to keep the project on budget, as well as expedite the installation.


Instead of a large bank of small washers and dryers, which is how the laundry previously had operated, Braun provided three 600-pound Top Side Loader Washer Extractors. This product perfectly complimented the niche market that D2R Linens services, which requires smaller batch sizes. The washers are complemented by two 300-pound Pass-Through Dryers, two complete Precision Series Finishing Lines, and three Precision Series Small Piece Folders.

“In order to maximize our productivity, we partnered with G.A Braun, Inc. to provide us with the most reliable, innovative, and durable machines to date,” says Giang. “Of all the laundry equipment companies out there, we chose Braun because they possess the same family culture we do.”

Braun was present during every step of the reconstruction, including design drawings and installation criteria, on-site for pre-construction meetings, managing the contracted rigging team, equipment start-up, and training. Braun also interfaced with D2R’s retained architect and mechanical, electrical and process (MEP) Contractors.

D2R’s new laundry equipment allows them to accomplish in one shift what they had previously been processing in three. Furthermore, the 20,000 sq. ft. facility was designed with room for future equipment, allowing for greater than 60% growth. Offering their customers a variety of services, including same-day service, D2R Linen is poised for future business growth opportunities in Houston.

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