Braun Material Handling Solutions Designed to Promote Wash Aisle Safety

Safety First - Virtually Eliminate the Hazards Associated with Material HandlingManual loading of washers has been determined to present the single greatest safety risk in both manual and semi-automated wash aisle environments. The potential for serious injury to occur when the operator is manually pushing full slings of soiled laundry into the washer/extractor cannot be overstated. Today’s safety-conscious plant owners and management must recognize the hazards associated with placing employees in dangerous proximity to spinning machine cylinders, in most cases rotating at up to 50 RPM.

G. A. Braun Inc., the leader in industrial laundry research and development, has designed patented material handling safety systems to protect operators from the many hazards associated with manual operations in the wash aisle, such as the manual loading of washer/extractors. These systems eliminate the need for any operator to manually push bags into a washer/extractor.

In the last three years Braun has developed 3 new solutions (2 patented and 1 patent pending) to address tunnel washroom and conventional washroom material handling liabilities.


This patent pending solution eliminates the need for a shuttle in the batch tunnel or conventional washroom. In addition to the obvious safety benefits, this solution enhances washroom productivity by enabling shorter dryer turn times, and giving end users significant flexibility in how they configure their washfloors. Hence, it eliminates previous plant limitations, and provides an exceptional new plant or plant retooling solution.


This patented solution is designed for semi-automated, or manual plants wishing to evolve into fully-automated environments. Braun SafeLoad Shuttle systems feature a hydraulically- controlled chute loading device that is mounted onto the shuttle allowing the operator to remotely engage it for washer loading. Once engaged, the operator then can control the goods bag to open and automatically load the washer.

Safeload Shuttle SystemsThis innovative system is available with either an operator cockpit for “ride-on” operation, or with a remote control panel. Both facilitate continuous processing and include an array of safety rated features such as on-board video cameras for monitoring travel blind spots, multiple-redundant safety interlock systems on the control platform and user-friendly touch screen controls for both the shuttle and the rail system. Ride-on configurations also include a shuttle safety mat which deactivates shuttle movement when it detects personnel outside the operator control cockpit and anyone on the cockpit step, and can be provided with safety rated travel scanners.  Watch Video!


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