Braun Announces New Multipurpose Precision Series® Spreader/Feeder

Braun’s new Precision Series® Spreader/Feeder serves a wide variety of flatwork laundry processing needs from hospitality, healthcare, commercial linen providers, and general industrial laundries.

Unique to the new spreader/feeder is a single motor servo spread drive technology coupled with our new spread detection and speed synchronized spread belts. Extending the application of servo drive technology to the infeed laydown functionality provides consistent quality feeding with all processed items at all speeds. Designed with single point transfer and positive center point spreading assures minimal drops and accurate centering of each item fed to maximize line productivity. The short list of a few innovative design changes includes new feed and spread clamps, lower feed carriage heights, and ball bearing carriers for all transport motions.

Ruggedly designed and simple to use, this spreader feeder’s standard configuration with three operator stations and production line speeds of 125 fpm (feet per minute) will provide an output of 900-950 twin sheets or like size linen per hour with exceptional quality. Braun’s 24V DC touch screen control PLC ensures consistently precise spreading and feeding while supporting user friendly troubleshooting screens.

Manufactured with fewer moving parts than others on the market, Braun’s spreader/feeders are built to withstand the wear and tear of today’s high-volume laundry environments. Available options include, but are not limited to are production status lights, ARC quality grading system, vacuum small piece feed table, external counters, poly-carbonate side covers and many more!

To learn more about the features and benefits of Braun’s newest spreader/feeder, you may contact Braun by calling (800) 432-7286 or visit their web site at

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