Braun Announces Branding of Their Remanufactured Equipment Program

March, 2017 – SYRACUSE, NY: Braun has announced the branding of their Certified Remanufactured Equipment with a new logo and program description.

We felt that it was very important to make certain that the market, and our valued clients clearly understood that Braun is the only company that is certified to remanufacture its products. Too often we find clients who buy our products from used equipment resellers that claim that they have remanufactured these items. The reality is that these machines are at best reconditioned, and often are modified from our OEM specifications resulting in unsupportable units.

Braun's remanufacturing process is unlike any other. Braun takes an existing machine, strips it to bare metal, and rebuilds it to the current day equipment specifications.

Braun's example of rebuilding a washer/extractor:

  • Strip to bare metal
  • Convert older multi-motor units to single motor drive (where applicable)
  • Inspect all weldments, and make any repairs that are required
  • Install a new wash cylinder in the machine
  • Install a new drive motor, bearings, seals, and new inverter
  • Install all new hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics (to include a brand-new touch screen PLC), and a new suspension
  • Repaint the machine using a "green" paint process
  • The machine is certified to CSA and ETL standards
  • Braun then provides a new equipment warranty with the machine that is backed by Braun as the OEM!
    This means Braun customers do not have to worry about component obsolescence! 

 As we all look to reduce our carbon footprint, and reclaim / extend the life of equipment, this solution offering not only provides significant value, but it is an exceptional Green initiative.

It is important that operators have confidence and trust in their supplier. At Braun we are proud to have earned that confidence and trust and continue to build upon it by supplying extensive consultative services, dependable equipment solutions, and exceptional post sales services and support.

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