Bates Troy Expansion Five Years Later

One of the Best Decisions I Ever Made!

From left to right: Thomas J. Singe, General Manager, Ara Kradjian,CEO/Owner, and Brian Kradjian, President/Owner.

Bates Troy, with over 100 years of laundry experience provides Healthcare Linen Service to several hospitals and nursing homes within a 90-mile radius of Binghamton, NY. Since its inception, Bates Troy remains family owned and operated, and is proud to be one of the few HLAC accredited healthcare laundries in New York State.

Taking advantage of a $400,000 grant obtained from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Bates Troy successfully completed a $4.5 million building and equipment expansion. A project in scope and size demonstrating Bates Troy is committed to their customers, their industry, their local economy, the environment, and the science behind state-of-the-art-technology.

To qualify for the NYSERDA grant, Bates Troy agreed to monthly monitoring of energy and resource consumption for one year and once-ayear follow-up reporting for four years. Therefore, the best buying decision had to be made. And, Bates Troy chose G. A. Braun.

“In my 55 years within the laundry business my best two decisions were to enter into the healthcare market, and to purchase a Braun Tunnel System.” Says Ara Kradjian, CEO/Owner of Bates Troy, Inc. located in Binghamton, NY.

After months of thorough research and with careful consideration Bates Troy purchased a Braun SmoothFlow 220 lb., 14 compartment Batch Tunnel Washer System. The 42-by-12 foot tunnel washer has the capacity to wash in excess of 6600 lbs. per hour and has internal-water and energyrecovery systems that optimize the control of the processing sections.

Confident with their buying decision, Bates Troy’s next objective was to work toward a balanced wash pie as defined by TRSA’s Textile Laundering Technology. Understanding the balance of the four main components required for proper linen processing: Mechanical Action, Chemistry, Time, and Temperature. The engineers and technical staff at both Braun and Bates Troy put a plan in motion to achieve and maintain this ongoing goal.

The central data point in keeping this objective on track is the utilization of Braun’s new WASHNET® Data Management Software. The program allows operators access to real-time information for daily monitoring, quick problem solving and the ability to make adjustments when needed. Another link in the chain are how advanced technologies are improving Bates Troy’s bottom line by helping to plan and control an efficient laundry operation.

Installation complete, production processes measured, monitored and adjusted, and sales growth meeting and exceeding expectations, Bates Troy is is certainly pleased with their equipment decision and to date results.

As a general overview, after the installation of the Braun equipment, specifically the Braun Batch Tunnel Washer, Bates Troy has obtained a number of new clients, is processing 13 million pounds of laundry per year and has experienced over a 20% growth in annual business.

Controlled sales growth is always an enjoyable experience. What’s also just as exciting is reducing costs while increasing output. To date, Bates Troy has decreased their overall costs by 30%. Working with Gurtler Industries and Braun, water consumption has decreased from .7 gallons per pound to .35 gallons per pound, and natural gas usage has dropped by 20%. Per pound costs are down .03 cents per pound. Labor is down 1% of sales. And, hours of operation went from a 16-hour washday to an 11-hour washday with new business included. Leaving plenty of room for continued growth with controlled costs.

As with any endeavor, quality of output and product performance are equally important. Bates Troy keeps their rewash to less than 2% of washed goods.

Built in New York (Braun, located in Syracuse, NY) promotes regional growth. And, buying American manufactured products, supports American jobs, and the American economy.

Now, one might look at these numbers and say, of course, these numbers make sense when you compare the performance of a tunnel washing system to the performance of a conventional washing system. However, this is not the case here. Bates Troy is achieving these results comparing a previously used tunnel system (not a Braun) to the Braun Batch Tunnel Washer.

“We’ve been very happy with the numbers we're seeing. Our utility usage has been going down as promised and the Braun Batch Tunnel System has pretty much been doing everything they said it would and what we hoped it would do. It’s really helping us be more competitive in the workplace.” Says, Brian Kradjian, President/Owner of Bates Troy.

As with any project of this nature, the local Binghamton economy also received a boost. Although it is difficult to put an exact number to it, the estimated impact is $9 million. This is taking into consideration the actual work done by local contractors as well as the jobs created due to the plant’s increased capacity.

Tom Singe, General Manager at Bates Troy, likes to take this thought process a little further. “Built in New York (Braun, located in Syracuse, NY) promotes regional growth. And, buying American manufactured products, supports American jobs, and the American economy.” Says, Singe.

From the very beginning, carefully thought out decision-making, proper implementation and follow-through, and two companies working as one have created the perfect win-win situation. For the environment, the economy, the company, the industry, and most importantly, the customer.

Braun has a passion and a belief in the science behind cleaning goods. Although technology and products have advanced over the years, the science behind it all has not. Recently, a team of Braun engineers have written and published a guide titled, “Science Stands the Test of Time.” It is not a marketing tool. It is not a sales piece.

It is a factual guide to help you, the user, better understand the advances in technology and product enhancements, and their relationship to the accepted core principles of the wash pie.

To download a copy or request a hard copy, please visit

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