300 PBS Chute Load Dryers

Braun Announces Availability of New 300 PBS Chute Load Dryers

Braun's new chute load dryers feature a non-tilt design which improves load and unload times.  In a side-by-side configuration (as shown above) their is no spacing required between the dryers.  All dryers are identical.  There are no left or righ-hand dryers because of this unique and truly side-by-side design.  They can be installed together endlessly unlike other machines on the market which require installation in pairs.  This greatly enhances space utilization, minimizes the amount of spare parts needed and enhances the productivity and efficiency within a tunnel system.

Additionally, this machine has been designed with a patent pending chute loading option.  This static chute on the front of each machine will allow for a seamless integration with a rail system, will improve turn times, and eliminates the moving parts and maintenance costs inherent with the use of cross conveyors for dryer loading.  This is an exceptional solution for use in a multiple tunnel location to improve overall plant efficiency.

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