Braun Receives Patent on Safety Loading Equipment

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pamela J. Simonetti, Director of Marketing , G. A. Braun, Inc.

SYRACUSE, NY:  Braun recently received a patent for their Manual SafeLoad System® which is its second safety solution patent in as many years.  The Manual SafeLoad was designed to support the loading of washers in a manual wash aisle operating environment.  This system removes the potential for serious injury to the operator from pushing bags into a moving washer cylinder.

"Laundry operators and suppliers are working together to improve wash floor safety," says Braun President Joe Gudenburr.  We take safety very seriously, and have imbedded it into the design and operational criteria for all of our products."

This product compliments Braun's other patented and patent pending safety solutions.

To learn more about the Manual SafeLoad System and to see it in action, please visit Manual SafeLoad Video.

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