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Monday, August 19, 2013

Pamela Simonetti, Director of Marketing, G.A. Braun

In 2008 Braun moved into a new 155,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to better service the growing needs of the textile industry.

Braun conducted an extensive assessment of every facet of our business, internal and external to our operations. A thorough S.W.O.T analysis, technology assessment and review of all operating protocols defined a comprehensive strategic road map that we would leverage to make our organization nimble, efficient and dynamic.

With the multitude of space, there are extensive testing and process simulation capabilities in each manufacturing cell. At one end of the plant there is ample room to virtually mimic the conditions in a modern, automated laundry. Each equipment type now has its own pod, unique to the machine’s capabilities and testing needs.

The plant’s design allows for straight-line flow from the arrivals docks where materials enter, to the shipping dock on the other end of the plant where equipment is tested and packaged. Two main aisles divide the facility, with tunnel washing systems taking up much of one side and conventional washers and flatwork equipment on the other. Braun designed the site so that all product and processes flow in one direction. There is no counter flow, and Braun has virtually eliminated non-value adding material movement and labor activities. Cranes spanning the plant’s ceiling easily move parts and equipment from one side of the facility to the other.

Braun’s replacement-parts fulfillment stockroom houses more than $10 million in spare parts. This area is gated and secured to protect workers from injury as forklifts travel in and out. Electric sensors have been installed in the floor and are tied to an inventory system that guides forklifts to the correct aisle where the parts needed for a fulfillment order are located. This efficiency has aided in the close-to-impeccable fill rate of 98.9 percent.

The 24/7 help desk is also housed here, allowing customers - whether they have equipment under warranty or not – to call for support. Braun has a large team of field service technicians located around the country, all are coordinated from the Syracuse location.

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