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Batch Tunnel Washing Systems Infection Control Shared Goal of All Healthcare Providers To provide clean microbial free linen to each and every healthcare environment. Eliminate liabilities associated with the material handling and laundry processing of healthcare linens. Provide linen supply services in as efficient reliable and predictable manner as possible. Batch Tunnel Washing Systems Infection Control Facts Regarding Pathogens Microbial Generation Wet warm and humid environments provide for a proverbial Petri dish to rapidly grow microbials. Linens contaminated with bacteria provide for a base from which to grow and expand harmful microbials. Process controls operational disciplines advancements in chemical science and material science all play a significant role in the elimination of microbials in the in wash process...Science Stands the Test of Time Batch Tunnel Washing Systems Infection Control How Do We Control Bacteria Facility Design Properly design operating environments to properly segregate soiled and clean operating areas. Utilization of the proper equipment processing and support solutions. Ensure that employee safety regulatory compliance and process control are paramount in all all starts with inputs Process Control Low Temperature or High Temperature processing environment. Process monitoring and reporting. Product testing sampling compliance validation must define critical process controls for the tunnel environment. Compliance with the science of the wash pie Starts at the beginning of the process. Batch Tunnel Washing Systems Infection Control Braun Specific Differentiated Features Mono-shell tube design utilizing stainless steel affords perpetual cleaning of the cylinder No dead spaces or surfaces that are not being mechanically cleaned with each batch transfer.....virtually eliminates biofilm accumulation. Stainless is non-porous and by its nature minimizes the growth of biofilms. No stagnant bath or outer drum surfaces All seals are accessible for cleaning and preventative maintenance protocols. Batch Tunnel Washing Systems Infection Control Braun Specific Differentiated Features All seals utilized are peroxide cured to afford exceptional durability resistance to temperature chemical attack and biofilm production. All tanks and process piping are made of stainless steel. Heating systems afford the ability to support all processing chemistries and system cleaning demands. Ability to monitor critical process parameters via control charting utilizing Washnet. Batch Tunnel Washing Systems Infection Control Scientific Facts There are four main components required for proper linen processing. Changes in one of these requires that one or more of the others compensate for this change. This figure represents the optimum balance as there are benefits and liabilities associated with altering each of these variables. A failure to compensate for changes to the wash pie will result in one or more of the following Poor wash quality high re-wash and a loss of production capacity. Inadequate rinsing and neutralization. Linen discoloration and decreased linen life. Potentially excessive chemical consumption. Braun Specific Differentiated Features Open helicoid tube design affords exceptional lift dropmechanical action to optimize wash pie processing flexibility vs. alternative systems lacking mechanical cleaning. Batch Tunnel Washing Systems Infection Control Closing Comments Site and solution design play a critical role in providing a processing environment for the effective and hygienic processing of healthcare linens. Process control and disciplined operating practices are paramount to consistently providing hygienic healthcare linens to the next step in the process. There are no magical silver bullets that allow for a stabile operating environment. Process controls must be correlated with product testing. Do not rely on the dryer or the ironer to eradicate bacteria pathogens or microbials....This must start at the soil room be accomplished in the wash process and continue throughout the entire process A single drum solution allows for positive mechanical cleaning to take place where a double drum design will not afford this capability. Always consult with your OEM to make certain that you are properly maximizing the capabilities of the solutions that they provide for you Batch Tunnel Washing Systems Infection Control