Since its inception in 1946, Braun has revolutionized the laundry industry with innovative products designed to make laundry and textile processing facilities safe, productive and profitable.

One of the greatest safety concerns in the laundry wash room is exposure to a machine's hazardous motion, and the manual loading of slings in washer/extractors.

Braun is a leader in the research and development of safety systems.

Braun has recently designed new patent-pending safety systems to support the operation of conventional wash alleys and batch tunnel plants, all with the potential to provide increased productivity over existing loading techniques.

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SafeLoad Shuttle Systems (patent-pending)

  • On-board load chute eliminates the operator having to push slings into washer for loading
  • Ride on functionality provides operators a safe means for loading and unloading open pocket washers and dryers–virtually eliminating all hazardous motion
  • Bumper and tape switch safety devices ensure that shuttle hazardous motion will come to a complete stop in accordance with OSHA and ANSI safety requirements
  • On-board video camera for monitoring travel blind spots

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Manual SafeLoad® System (patent-pending)

  • Removes the potential for serious injury to the operator from pushing bags into a moving washer cylinder
  • Ideal for manual wash rooms with rail height restrictions and narrow wash alleys
  • Adjustable for varying washer heights for Braun and non-Braun machines
  • Safety lights and horn activate when the device moves around the wash alley

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300 PBS Chute Load Dryer (patent-pending)

  • Chute load design eliminates the use of a shuttle
  • Non tilt design provides for fewer moving parts and improves load and unload process
  • True side-by-side design
  • No spacing required with each pair of dryers
  • All dryers are identical, eliminating left and right-hand dryers. (minimizes the amount of spare parts needed)


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Fully Automated Wash Aisle Shuttle Systems

  • Automates washer/extractor-todryer transfer
  • Features tape switch guards and bumpers forcing the machine to stop during hazardous motion
  • Allows operators easy access to all components

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Chute Load Open Pocket Washers/Extractors

  • Open pocket washer/extractors can be ordered for chute loading for fully automated wash rooms.

Braun believes it is imperative to provide support and service around the clock. We offer parts direct from our factory (sourced and stocked in the U.S.), the largest team of direct field service technicians supporting clients in the U.S. and Canada, and a free 24/7 telephone technical support help desk for the life of the equipment! Our site wellness and proactive maintenance programs are available to ensure your machines are being used to their safest and most productive potential.

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