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Side Loader - Safety



No crush hazard when machine is tilting down from unloading

  • Incorporates fixed fenced guarding around three sides with easily removed panels using special key for access

Existing crush hazard when machine is tilting down from unloading

  • Serious injury could occur if machine came down on a person
  • No visibility from the front of the machine while tilting it down

Patented cylinder door proof closed locking mechanism

  • Cylinder door latches use Braun proven technology with pin and cradle design
  • Proof closed provides for added safety to ensure each cylinder door is closed and locked prior to start of any cylinder movement or closing of shell door

Cylinder door locks are susceptible to failure

  • Cylinder door could be ejected from machine during extract causing serious injury and/or facility damage
  • Benchmarking shows average of one set of latch failures every 6 months

Steam and water headers plumbed directly into tub with no break when tilting

  • Steam hose is also captured with high strength cable per OSHA requirements

No protection for steam or water connections should it become decoupled or seal fails during operation

  • Could cause serious injury to someone from burns

Split panel design is used to facilitate troubleshooting without need for Arc Flash PPE

  • 95% of troubleshooting is done on 24v components
  • No PPE required when working in the low voltage panel on Braun machines

 No separation of high voltage from low voltage to allow for troubleshooting without Arc Flash PPE

  • Forces troubleshooting around high voltage components
  • Very difficult while wearing appropriate PPE

Shell Door —At end of cycle washer signals and waits for operator to initiate two-hand control to open shell door per ANSI Z.8.1

  • Second delay with light and horn signals before any type of motion happens

 Shell Door —Automatically opens outer shell door at end of cyclewithout warning

  • Violates two-hand control standard in ANSI Z.8.1

Step—Automated deployment of step when shell door is raised using two-handed control

  • Retracts when shell door is closed in preparation for wash
  • Removes fatigue and ergonomic problems from operation

 Step—Manual step forces operators to bend down to deploy for loading

  • Could cause fatigue and ergonomic-related injury