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Side Loader - Productivity/Durability



Braun utilizes a precise encoder, a two speed transmission and proprietary algorithms in hydraulic positioning to reduce time to below 1 minute once reaching low speed.

  • No pin is needed to jam into a hole to stop and position the cylinder
  • Combination of an inverter and a brake is used to precisely position each and every time

Competitor uses a hydraulically actuated pin to position the cylinder for unload using a line start motor.

  • Benchmarking has shown positioning after reaching low speeds can take over 8 minutes and routinely takes over 3 minutes
  • This results in a significant loss of productivity delaying the unloading and subsequent reloading of the machine
  • Pin is highly susceptible to breakage
  • Benchmarking shows replacement every 3-6 months

Braun uses the same pillow block bearings used on Open Pocket, Top Side Loader and End Loader Washers.

  • Provides extremely long life with very little maintenance other than a shot of grease once a month
  • Replacement and accessibility is greatly enhanced making a bearing job faster, more economical allowing less down time

Competitor uses flange bearings that require constant lubrication.

  • Pulls oil from the main hydraulic tank depleting levels requiring continuous checks and refills
  • Bearings are extremely difficult to change, causing extensive down time

Braun uses the same pin and cradle design used for over 35 years coupled with a patented proof closed system.

  • Provides long lasting durability proven over 35 years in use on side loaders
  • Proof closed system ensures latches are locked prior to machine operation

Competitor cylinder door latches are highly susceptible to failure.

  • Failures are routine and require constant replacement/maintenance
  • Failure during operation can/has led to ejection of cylinder door through shell door causing potential injury and property damage

Braun utilizes direct connection to the washer tube for steam and water thus eliminating the need to couple and decouple every wash cycle.

  • Provides significantly enhanced life expectancy and uses same proven sparge technology used for years on all Braun washers

Competitor utilizes detachable steam and water couplings needed to allow cylinder to tilt for unloading.

  • Highly susceptible to failure—Benchmarking shows one seal replacement per week on steam and/or water
  • Causes increased maintenance and potential for injury

Braun utilizes a direct drive system.

  • Positions in less than 1 minute after reaching low speed!
  • Only PM required is greasing Lovejoy coupling every few months

Competitor utilizes drive belts and sheaves to rotate the cylinder.

  • Difficult to position and additional PM to maintain belts

Braun utilizes a side drain valve design that keeps the cylinder out of the chemistry and water.

  • Long lasting requiring significantly less maintenance and downtime
  • Not prone to textiles hanging up in drain

Competitor utilizes vertical drain valve cylinder exposed directly to drain water and chemistry.

  • Leads to premature failure and lengthy downtime to replace
  • Very susceptible for textiles to become clogged in drain requiring maintenance